30 Years Commitment To The Foodservice Industry

By partnering together, our client's investment is maximized for successful hiring.


Our Story 

Hilmar & Ross is an Executive Search firm with a focus on the Foodservice, Hospitality, Private Equity, and Specialty Food Industries. For 30 years, we’ve successfully managed and completed over 550 custom searches finding the right person for the right career, in the right company. We achieve this constant success for our clients by our steadfast beliefs in servant leadership, integrity and strategy. Hilmar & Ross is named in honor of his father and father in law. Both men earned their reputations as men of Integrity and positively impacted Ken’s life.

Our Passion

Service, integrity, and strategic thinking. This is how we approach every executive candidate search for our clients. We're passionate about helping clients and our candidates achieve both financial and professional success. For three decades, we've found the right candidates with the correct skillset, cultural fit, and motive which will have the greatest positive impact for our client companies.